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Pear Tree Tomato Salad with Pear Ginger Vinaigrette

Happy new month my loves!!

I hope April has started off nice and happy and you are looking forward to a deliciously fun and abundant next 30 days!! I find it pretty weird that April is still pretty hot. I do love me some sunshine, but in all honesty, I also love the cosiness of rain. But as we wait for the weather to change, let us enjoy the sunshine and the dawn of the new fruit season-pear season. Pear season is usually very brief, and I am making sure I make the most of it this time round. Seeing that you guys enjoyed my salad week series on my channel, I decided to throw in another one you will definitely enjoy! For today, my pear tree tomato salad with a pear ginger vinaigrette.

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Pear and Nutmeg Pancakes

My elder sister Sieva LOVES pears. She loves pears with the same intensity that I love my mangoes, so you can imagine how much she loves her pears. Growing up, I never really enjoyed pears. I watched Sieva eat her pears with such deep enjoyment and theatrics that accompany chowing down of good food. As I grew up and became a lot more open minded to trying our new things, I came to really love this cute little fruit. Now that they are in season, I am also trying to incorporate them in as many meals as I can. I am having plenty of fun in the process :))

These pear and nutmeg pancakes will warm your heart and fill your tummy. There are so full of flavor and easy to make, in true #KK fashion. Do yourself a favor and whip yourself these beauties soon!

pear and nutmeg pancakes__how to make pancakes_foodbloggers in africa_food bloggers in

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Crispy Rosemary Potato Wedges

On the night of April 1st, Nairobi and much of central Kenya received its first rain after the beautiful sunny months of Dec-Jan-Feb-Mar. There was no transition, just abrupt rain with the close of March. Being someone who lives for and thoroughly enjoys the dry months and the intense heat everyone complains about, I sadly welcomed April rains and already started looking forward to December. But I remembered how I pointed out in this post that I will be more thankful for everything and indeed, there is plenty to be thankful about even in grey, rainy April. Even as mango season is now behind us, I am happy that pear season is rolling in. Even as the warm sunny weather I love is gone, I am thankful that the air is clear and its green all around. Even though I can’t enjoy my flirty skirts, at least now I can rock my thigh high boots (ladies do you feel me?!!). There is always something to be thankful for.

For today, I am giving you yet another potato wedge recipe that will warm your heart and fill your tummy in the rainy days ahead.

crispy rosemary potato wedges_kenyan food blogs_best kenyan food bloggers_how to make potato

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