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Plum and Orange Mocktail

After a week of unusual January Rains, the sun is finally out. It is now spectacularly sunny and brilliant in true January fashion. This calls for perfectly chilled drinks that are equally brilliant to cool us down in the midst of this brutal heat. For me, a mocktail is always the answer!

This was inspired by the mocktail bae and I had while we were at Ocean Basket. I tried creating my own, and the flavors were soft and mild yet wildly refreshing.I used fruits that are in season :plum and orange (I am giving mangoes a break :D) Lets soak up the sun and enjoy the best mocktails there are!

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The Ocean Basket Experience

When Ocean Basket began their operations in our beautiful country, I was beyond excited to know that sea food has been brought closer to us by a brand that prides itself in quality. Living in an inland city has us deprived from the goodness of seafood so I felt Ocean Basket establishing itself in Nairobi was a gift to us.

I decided to visit Ocean Basket with my man because I knew we would have a good time, satisfy his huge appetite in the process get to sample one of the best eateries in town. The world decided that September is ‘take your man on a date month’. But why limit yourself to just one month when we have the entire year so I treated him to the ocean basket experience. We had a phenomenal time at Ocean Basket, and I highly recommend the same experience for each one of you.

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