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Nutmeg Doughnuts with Dark Chocolate Glaze

In Kenya, after completing high school, there is about a 4 month wait between the time you complete your exams and the time the results of the national exams are released. During this period, majority of us did short computer courses to make good use of our time and to better ourselves. During the end of each class every Wednesday, I would treat myself to a chocolate doughnut from Bakers Inn that was close to my computer school and on my way to the stage. It nearly turned into a weekly ritual, but this eventually died down once they increases the prices of their doughnuts.

Some weeks ago on my twitter handle, one of my followers asked for a doughnut recipe. I was more than happy to give her one and in the process, re-live one of my favorite indulgences back in 2010. I added my own twist by adding fragrant nutmeg into the  mix, and instead of having a cocoa-powder-icing frosting like Bakers Inn, I opted for a rich dark chocolate glaze with some sprinkles which added an extra crunch. This was really fun to make and so delicious to have!

chocolate nutmeg doughnuts

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Drop scones with strawberry yoghurt chocolate ganache

In Kenya, it is not unheard of to have impromptu guest at any time of the day. And whether guests come unannounced or not, it is part of our culture to prepare a meal, small or big, as a sign of hospitality toward our guests. In our home, when guests come unannounced, we turn to easy meals that take a short time to prepare but will still make the guests feel at home. My mother almost always turns to drop scones during such situations. They are very delicious when eaten straight from the heat and they fill the entire house with the most welcoming aroma that any person would love to walk into.

Today, I added a twist to my mother’s favorite and added a rich homemade mascarpone filling. As if that is not hearty enough, I drizzled a chocolate ganache on top of them, which I made with strawberry yoghurt as opposed to heavy cream. And as always, it is easy to make! If I can make this, trust me, you can too.

drop scones with strawberry yoghurt chocolate ganache

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French Toast Magic

French toast brings me fond memories of my holidays back in primary school. Once a week, my mother would make these for my sisters and I. I made sure I woke up very early on those mornings so that I do not miss these babies!! My mother used milk and eggs only, however in my recipe, I added orange zest, cinnamon, nutmeg and some orange marmalade. There is no better way to start your day than with this tangy meal! They are not only delicious, but they are very easy to make.

orange zest and cinnamon french toast

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