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Pilipili and Rosemary Marinated Mbuzi Choma Na Kachumbari

There are a couple of things that are distinctly Kenyan. “Me I” is distinctly Kenyan. Our loud, artsy Matatus are distinctly Kenyan. Phrases such as ‘wah’ ‘si’ ‘hebu’ can only be understood by someone who has grown up Kenyan; and even when explained, the meaning will not be understood as it should. Choma over every holiday, and if we are being honest- during any time we get together- is one of those distinct Kenyan habits. We love our choma!! Choma is a roast- equivalent to the South African braai. We do love our meat, and roasting it makes it even better.

Mbuzi (goat) choma is very very popular too. It is among my top three favorite chomas and today’s recipe and video takes you through how I make mine explosively good!!! I hope you love it as much as I love it!

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Mbuzi Meatball Mshikaki

The day I was cooking these mbuzi meatball mshikaki, I was really upbeat. Reason being, I was cooking as I was talking to you guys via Instagram when I had my first “Ask Me Anything” of 2016. I had a ball and quite honestly, I was pleasantly shocked by the response I received from you guys {{hug}}. The post is still up and if it passed you by, you can always pass by my Instagram and ask me your question, no matter how random it is :))

The good mood I was in reflected in the end result of these meaty beauties. I personally feel when you cook when you are in a good mood, it always shows. Always! These were so good, so easy to make and the love you guys filled my heart with this past Sunday is pretty evident in the end result. So here is something fantastic for your Friday :))

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