Have you ever read the name of a dish and the sound of it makes it a little bit intimidating to try, but then upon reading through, you realise it really is easy to make? The sound of this post may evoke such emotions. All  I can guarantee you is that this is one of the simplest and speedy recipes yet that you can unleash on short notice. And there is nothing better than something that sounds so sophisticated, but is so easy to prepare.

I think it is becoming apparently clear that one of my favorite ingredients to cook with are potatoes. I like them because there are infinite things to do with them. We have made several potato dishes like this one, and this, and this, each of which have their own character. Today we are going to make the easiest, crispiest potato latkes, that you can make blindfolded and the juiciest salsa verde that really compliments them. The best part is, you can get all these ingredients readily 🙂

Here we go:


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