We woke up to a grey, misty, drizzly Wednesday morning. We are in mid-august and currently experiencing the dying embers of the cold season and boy it’s kicking out butt!! We are now going to cosy up to the weather and enjoy all things comforting! We are going to enjoy some dawa as we go through our work day! We are going to prepare some rich and creamy coconut milk and peanut sauce matoke for some hearty, delicious lunch. And all through the weekend, we are going to enjoy my guinness braised cumin beef short ribs!! I filmed this in May this year (I do all my content months in advance) and it has been such a joy enjoying it since then till today and I am certain you too shall thoroughly enjoy it too!!

I shall be taking a brief break until around October as I heal from a jaw fracture. Can’t wait to film new YouTube and blog content then. In the meantime, I will be very very much present and active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so do follow me on there if you are yet to. That said, let us get into this beautiful beauty!

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