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Pea & Mushroom Veg Pilau

Veg pilau is highkey just as bomb as any meaty pilau dish? Don’t you agree? I know you do! While there is completely nothing wrong with enjoying meat and meat in your pilau, sometimes a little break from what you have all the time is so refreshing! I have postponed making veg pilau for my blog for such a long time, even though I make it at home so often. But here we are with a new delicious blog post and a dope video to go with it as well.

This recipe is crazy easy! I love how it takes a really short amount of time to cook but the flavors are so explosively good!!! I decided to go with peas, not only for color but I just love how they taste and with mushrooms as well because their earthy flavor and their ‘meaty’ taste adds a great feel to the entire dish. And if you have been following me for a long time, you know I am crazy about my mushrooms! Let’s go!

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Chicken Pilau with garlic sauce

Am I the only one who fears upgrading software coz of the very real possibility that you could loose everything?? After putting this off for so long, I finally upgraded my computer to windows 10. And exactly what I was afraid of happened. My computer went into shock, everything went crazy and all I could see was the white screen of death. I put everything on hold until I resolved this. I literally cried at the thought of loosing all my content. After a heart attack, long prayers, sacrificing an unblemished white lamb a short while, everything came back to normal. I realized my computer was just acting up (and I was panicking LOL) and everything was right where I left it.

After getting everything in order, I somewhat felt great that I went one full day without working on the blog. Maybe I really needed that down time to rest and reboot. And I went ahead and gave myself a three day break. As a choleric-melancholic, breaks are always much welcome since this temperament leaves us subject to burn outs. But now, allow me to treat you with something so good, it will take you to another universe.

chicken pilau and garlic sauce_how to make pilau_best food bloggers in Kenya_n=best food bloggers in Africa

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