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Garlic and Cumin Ndengu

Ladies, have you ever cheated on your eyebrows guy and ended up with thunder bolts on your face that you have to put up with until the hair grows back? Or guys, those times you cheat on your barber and end up with a hairline that has been receeded all the way to 1678? Yup! We have all experienced such moments! I am one person who is loyal to my people and my products. But sometimes, I decide I know better and such decisions I always regret. Always! Yet I never learn! I wanted to cook these ndengu with coconut milk, but I decided to buy a different brand, one that I have never used. All I know is, coconut milk does not look like gelatin. Moral of the story is, do not cheat on what has been true to you for years :DDDD. I threw out that can and I had to think fast how to cook the ndengu in a non-basic now that one key ingredient was out. That incident may have been a blessing in disguise because the marvelous beauty that resulted was worth the hustle.

Have you been looking for the best ndengu (mung beans) recipe on earth? Your search ends today!

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Peppery Carrot and Garlic Ndengu

You know those times when you are just chilling at home then guest come knocking? I know all Kenyans can relate to this since in our culture, it is quite normal to show up/visit unannounced. While it is a good thing as it preserves the sense of community, most of the time sometimes , you really are not prepared for them. And it is considered rude not to serve guests something small to eat while they are in your home. So we resolve to offering whatever is there to make them feel at home.

We once received unexpected guests some Sunday ago. We had nothing flamboyant to prepare, so we gave them exactly what we were having for lunch that afternoon- Coconut Rice and this Peppery Carrot and Garlic Ndengu. While this is a very normal meal to us, the guests were so impressed with what we served them that they could have sworn we knew they were coming :D. This is not to show off, but to encourage you too to strive to make each meal a memorable banquet. So much so that eating fantastic food becomes part of your everyday life. After all, life is too short to wait for only  special occasions to eat great tasting food. Have nice food as often as you can.

So for today: Peppery Carrot and Garlic Ndengu. Hope you try this out

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