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Curry & Coconut Cream Njahi

I totally get and respect the fact that we all like different things because we are different people. But aki you guys – especially my twitter family- huwa mnaongea mbaya sana juu ya njahi lol! It’s actually not many people who talk smack, it is just a few people who are loud about their dislike; so it seems like the whole world hates njahi. The likening of njahi to soil, to a mattress, to rocks, to sweat; are really hilarious to be honest, but it kinda breaks my heart too that some people are actually living life without having ever tasted delicious njahi. In my book, anything and everything can be made delicious. If you match up your ingredients well and play up on fresh herbs, anything -including njahi- can be tasty!

If you have been looking for a perfect njahi recipe, this one is for you. If you already love njahi, here is another recipe to make you fall inlove with it once again!

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Cumin and Thyme Njahi

Njahi is one of those beans that has gotten quite a bad rep. They have been likened to choking hazards, to mud, to poop and everything else imaginable. Woiye, poor little Njahi! You see, once something is poorly prepared, no matter how nutritious, one will grow up to dislike it. However, in my book, njahi, just like everything else, can be made super delicious! I love the richness of the bean and how excellently they take up flavor. I love how nutrient packed they are. I love how they go with quite a number of starches. I love me some njahi!

Today’s recipe is one you will without doubt fall head over heels in love with! I have, as usual made a video to go along with this blog post so make sure you watch it and subscribe while you are at it. Shall we proceed and make some delicious njahi?

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