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Nutmeg and Orange Zest Hot Chocolate

The June-July freeze is kicking out butts!!

Temperatures are plummeting. Skies are ever so grey. Misty and foggy mornings have become the norm. While I do miss sweltering months, I have just learnt to settle in the now and enjoy the coziness that icy July brings. I am excited about the perfect knits I have bought. I am excited about wearing and enjoying creamier gourmand scents. I am excited about my makeup staying in place lol. And I am excited about savoring my dawas, my chai masalas and my hot chocolates.

Hot chocolate is an indulgent drink, and having some once in a while has no harm. After all, the beauty of life is to savor and to experience. I hope you love cozying up to this phenomenal zesty and spicy hot chocolate just as I did.

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Iliki Hot Chocolate

I was nestled on the couch one rainy Saturday mid morning, in my very heavy, very warm, very soft orange sweater. In my hand was some hot chocolate I had just made. Not Milo. Not Drinking Chocolate. But real hot chocolate. I had opened the blinds since I wanted to watch the clouds roll in and catch the first drops fall to the earth. It then started raining. I shut the window and looked at each drop race it’s way down the glass. Do you guys sometimes just pause and watch it rain? I do! As the rain’s intensity eased, I returned to my couch grabbed my hot chocolate and slowly seeped it as I caught up on Biko’s blogs. I cried my eyes out and felt my soul shatter when I read There Were Birds But They Didn’t Sing. I laughed and reflected on the silly stereotypes we impose on our brothers and sisters as curated by our colonialists when I read Yes, You Are Tribal. And chuckled when I read Letter to My 20 Year Old Self, and also drew some valuable life lessons. What a whirlwind of emotion! That was a perfect Saturday mid morning for me, courtesy of my awesome read, my warm orange sweater, and of course, my hot chocolate fit for the gods themselves!

So let me show you how you are gonna prepare it so that you too can bask in it’s glorious flavors! <3

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