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Savory Crepe with Garted Red Bell Pepper

I bumped into my former university classmate during rush hour some weeks back. It was pleasant to see him again and we talked a little bit about life after school. One thing he spoke of most was how he feels so tired after work, so much so he does not bother to prepare supper for himself but takes exactly what he had for breakfast. Besides that, he absolutely enjoys life after school.

This inspired me to recreate breakfast meals for supper. You can do this with nearly every dish, the only thing is to transform the sweet into savory. I chose crepes, whose sweet breakfast version we did here by adding vanilla essence, mango and cinnamon, and today,s savory version has green onion, red bell pepper and cumin.


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Sweet Potato and Tender Maize Stew

Stews are rather popular in Kenya, probably because they leave room for addition of different food groups into one pot making preparation of a meal faster. As an accompaniment to many dishes, the most common stews here are beef stew and Irish potato stew. However, people are trying out new things, including myself.

I made this sweet potato stew and I was happy to note how delightful and light it was, and this was a much welcome change from the ordinary. This stew is so comforting, every bite feels like you are receiving a huge hug. I used the warm spices of nutmeg and cardamom to elevate the sweet potato flavor. This really is a must-try for everyone.

sweet potato and tender maize stew

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Ginger and Garlic Marinated Liver

Liver is one of my absolute favorite organ meats. It is soft, has a rich taste and takes a relatively short time to cook. Sometime ago on facebook, I asked which which you cannot stand. I was surprised to see that many people do not like liver. Some stated it was because of it’s smell that does not go away even after cooking. For others, it is because they just could not figure out how to add more flavor.

Today I made fried liver, that had marinated in ginger, garlic, milk and green onion prior to frying it. This made that “raw-meat-smell” to go away and more importantly, added a lot more flavor to the liver. More so, I believe to have great tasting liver, you need to cook it with plenty of red onion and plenty of bell pepper, which I added while frying. This is so simple to do, yet produces really tasty liver. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

ginger and garlic marinated liver


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