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Goat Meat Garlic Penne Pasta

One of the things I love about Christmas period besides precious family time is the food (duh!!). In my family, we all love to cook, and when we come together, it is one hell of a feast! During the past Christmas, my uncle Odemu brought over some goat meat to roast specifically for dinner. Since we were the hosts, we prepared the lunch banquet, but for the goat meat choma dinner, Uncle Odemu wanted to handle it himself. And we  were not complaining, because we knew he could throw down one hell of a choma! As the sun set, the charcoal grill was lit and soon the delicious sizzle of tender meat filled the air. As my sisters and I prepared the kachumbari, my aunt made some ugali and my cousin and namesake basted the done nyama choma as it came hot off the grill in a sweet chili garlic jerk sauce. After everything was ready, we all sat outside, enjoying the warm December night and hearty conversations. I ate like a pig LOL! The meat that was left over was frozen to be eaten at later dates and those who could carried some home with them. For the final piece of meat that we had, I decided to revamp it and incorporate it into my delicious pasta dish: my goat meat garlic penne pasta. Leftovers are never boring afterall!

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Thyme and Garlic Dry Fry Goat Meat

Food is a medium that brings people together. It is the perfect ice breaker. It is a way that can bring people closer together. I also consider it a way of showing affection and/or appreciation for those around especially when effort and love is put in the preparation of their favorite meals. I am the kind of person who enjoys watching those close to me absolutely enjoy what I make for them hence I put my all in making their favorite dishes.

I know someone really special to me really loves goat meat. I have never made this dish for him yet as I was searching for the perfect recipe. I tried this out for myself first to see if the flavors blend, and for my sisters to critique and give their reviews. I loved it and my sisters enjoyed this so much, I just had to share it with you guys too. Now I know when I do make this dish for him, he will be blown away! I hope you make this for those close to your heart too 🙂

thyme and garlic dry fry goat meat

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