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Fish Fingers with Avocado Tartar Sauce

One of my favorite humans in this world is my sweet friend Nasimiyu. She is seriously genuinely sweet and always a pleasure to hang around. Whenever we meet for lunch, I always let her decide where we are going to eat. She always seems to know the best places to have a good meal. She is more conversant with great places to eat out than I am. And nothing beats girly musings, mischievous  giggles and hearty laughs over a good meal. One of the places she introduced me in 2009 was an eatery that had the best fish fingers ever. I have forgotten it’s name, but never how good those fingers were! Being fresh from boarding school, that was as close to heaven as my tongue could get. I decided to create fish fingers at home but of course with a  #KK twist. You will totally love this!

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Earth and Fire Potato Wedges

I have declared my love for potatoes several times in previous posts such as this one. I love them because they give you endless recipe choices. For me, they are like the perfect blank canvas which is handed to you, and you have infinite choices as to what you can create.

Today I made potato wedges. They have a beautiful golden color which contrasts so well with the coriander garnish. This beautiful vivacious amber of the potatoes and vibrant emerald splendor of the coriander inspired the name of today’s masterpiece: Earth and Fire Potato wedges. They taste as good as they look :). Do give them a try!

earth and fire potato wedges

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