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Tilapia Burger with Mango Tartar Sauce

One of the things I have been yapping about literally since the inception of my blog is about how much I love mangoes! I. LOVE. MANGOES. They are literally the best fruit in the world and all other fruits only wish they were on the same level of greatness. Every mango season, not only do I binge eat them , but I have a ball experimenting with this fruit in a variety of recipes. I love me some mango flavor in my food and the second mango recipes 2019 is my tilapia burger with my mango tartar sauce! How delicious does that sound! The recipe is amazing and the corresponding YouTube video is just as bomb! I guarantee you, It tastes as amazing as it sounds!!!!

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Chicken Bacon Knockout Burger

After posting my Triple D drumsticks, and the amazing buzz it created online, EVERYONE just couldn’t wait to try that recipe out. And majority just wished they could simply appear infront of them. My elder sister, Sieva, who was away for work sent me a quick message telling me she would love to have those when she came back home after seeing them on my Facebook page. Since I couldn’t make that particular recipe at the time, I decided to work on my next bomb Guinness recipe which she would feast upon: my chicken bacon knockout burger. Growing up with siblings, when there is something tasty you are planning to feast upon, you have to hide it so that no one else eats it. I forgot to hide Sieva’s  burger and sure enough, my other sister Kadesa ate it. I should have recorded the look on her face when she sank her teeth into it…priceless! Burger ecstasy! And a stamp of approval for another aced recipe!

These burgers have everything you could ever want in the perfect burger: a moist patty, lots of cheese, a rich unique sauce and of course, bacon. Can you handle this knock out ;))? You better!


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Spicy Grilled Beef Burger with Coleslaw

I am not the hugest junk food fan . . What really gets my juices flowing is a good home cooked meal. Soul food is my thing :).  But once in a while, I do crave some good pizza, burgers or any other juicy oily meal to gulp down. When it comes to burgers, I am usually very picky with where I get mine from. A lot of the times, I get some burgers with strange tasting patties most with really dry meat, while some tasting like plastacine (don’t wonder how I knew how that tastes like :D). To fix this, I started making my own at home. And to be honest, the flavor profile of my burger is light years ahead of those from fast food joints. My homemade pattie was super moist, so juicy and perfectly flavored. This was complimented so well with the most breathtaking sauce, which is also homemade.

Perfect for a picnic, a fun lunch with pals or just for yourself. This grilled beef burger is so explosive it will literally make your tongue lick your brain!

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