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Garlic Broccoli and Carrot Stirfry

I always remember watching cartoons growing up and I remember broccoli being depicted as a disgusting veggie that everyone hates. Dexter hated broccoli. PowerPuff Girls fought slimy Broccoli aliens. Billy form Billy and Mandy haaated broccoli too. So in my mind, broccoli was not that great of a veggie. That all changed the day I actually gave broccoli a try. I loved them so so much and I that was when my life long love for this gorgeous veggie begun.

We prepare them in a very simple fresh way, which preserves the nutrients of this veggie. You will love this one!

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Broccoli and Pea Cabbage Stir Fry

We all have those meals we just do not feel drawn to, for no particular reason. I am not a big fan of cabbage, unless it is cooked in a certain specific way. It takes a short time to cook, and that makes it very easy to over cook. Alot of the times I have had it in various places in Nairobi, it is overcooked. And where there is a problem, that is a chance for you to step in and make that dish to be fantastic. That makes cooking exciting.

Cabbage is a very healthy vegetable and I like adding more character to it to make it more wholesome. Today’s cabbage stir fry is one my mom developed. I did not change/add anything because I felt it was just perfect as mom made it. I liked it so much and decided to share the recipe with you. I have a feeling you will like it just as much 🙂

broccoli and pea cabbage stir fry by kaluhi adagala of

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