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The Marula Mercantile

Being the last weekend of 2017, my sister and I wanted to have a beautiful lunch to wind down the year. After a horrific experience at a popular seafood franchise, we hoped our experience at Marula Mercanitle would make up for it. Saturday the 30th was stunningly sunny and relaxed and we decided to eat at a place that was open and vibe-y. After our meal and afternoon stay there, I decided to include this as a restaurant review as it was not a planned visit between myself and the staff and I felt I captured them in their true essence. It is something I planned on doing last year, but due being broke af to various factors, I put restaurant reviews on hold. My review of Marula Mercantile will be first of many. I will also be including some of your experiences to my reviews so that you can get the truest, most realistic picture of the restaurant.

Here we go!

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Chop House- Menu Tasting Review

Nothing excites me more than having fantastic food with great company. My last week Thursday at Radisson Blu, Upper Hill Nairobi, was just that! Several food bloggers including myself and other media journalists had been invited for a media tasting and all I can say is that I was blown away by everything. We were asked to give our opinion about everything and this is what the review is all about. I would like to take you through what we had and I hope you make a visit there and experience everything for yourself. The rating of each dish is out of 5 stars, which i’d like to call K-stars, because this is a rating by me :DD. From all the questions and comments I received from my Instagram story on the afternoon I walked you through the tasting, I am sure this is something you will love <3.

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Coconut and Chocolate Chip Drop Scones

It has been an exciting past week. Thanks to you guys, Kaluhi’s Kitchen had the honor of being crowned as the best food blog 2016 in Kenya. Once again, thank you for everyone who believed in me, voted for my blog and enjoys my recipes. Asanteni sana. Now, we carry on with more recipes and more amazing food :))

Drop scones have always reminded me of my high school holidays. Mom used to whip some up for us so that we get to enjoy good home food before we returned back. Drop scones, like many other foods, can be prepared in so many different ways. I have done several posts on the same in the past, included another one in my ebook and now, I have an exciting coconut and chocolate chip drop scone recipe for you. The weekend isn’t too far off, and this is so perfect for it.

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