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Thyme and Chili Liver

Each day, we learn something new. When it comes to cooking specificaly, you can never say you know everything. Someone will always know something you do not know. That means, we all have something to learn from the other. For the longest time, we used to boil our liver before cooking it. This was until aunty Kabura upgraded us and told us that step was totally unnecessary. I tried it out and this was the softest liver ever. I added a #KK twist to it and this was just elevated to level 100! You will enjoy my thyme and chili liver just as much.

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Sage and Garlic Githeri

On this day, I was home alone. And when there are few people at home, obviously less food is cooked. The fridge was undergoing its seasonal sparseness and I knew exactly what I wanted to eat: githeri. Yes, I love githeri that much and that is the only meal I wanted. Mum had already boiled some maize and beans and froze them for future use. I defrosted some and prepared one of the best githeri yet. When mum came home she shared some of the githeri I had prepared with her friend, mrs.Kamau, and she tooootally loved this! For the weekend, my mum prepared a larger quantity of githeri but using the same recipe I had developed earlier that week. My sisters who were home over the weekend also really loved this new recipe. Seeing how it was so well received at home, I am certain you will enjoy it too :))

Today, we turn one of my FAVORITE Kenyan delicacies into one unforgettable feast!

githeri_sage and garlic githeri_kenyan food_kenyan

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Creamy Honey Uji

In high school, Saturday morning breakfast was uji. Yes, uji for saturday. In as much as you don’t really wanna have some, you have no option, so you fill your tummy  with some. Not that I hate it, i just found it bland since it was maize flour porridge and I am used to sorghum porrige. The later is richer in flavor, has more nutritional content compared to the former.

The first time I tried making uji, I made ugali instead. The second time I made uji, it was too light. #DoubleFail. I knew that I had to balance my water/flour ration coz that was where the problem lay each time. Once I got that balance right, I began experimenting with ways to make this phenomenal dish even better. Healthy does not have to be boring.

Are you ready for this? :))

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Chicken Strips in Orange and Ginger Sauce

I was going through one of the books I jot down recipe ideas so that I do not forget what I feel would work in the kitchen. On the day I  made this, I was going through a notebook I was using in 2014 and came across and orange-ginger sauce I was writing but never completed. The ingredients seem to work in my head, and I had some chicken breast sitting in my freezer so I decided to give it a try.

Mum loved it! Dad enjoyed it too, and my youngest sister described it as a chicken recipe you will never taste anywhere else. Seeing people enjoy my recipes gives me so much satisfaction. I have a feeling you will enjoy this too as much as my fam did :))

saucy orange and ginger chicken_kaluhiskitchen,com_best chicken recipes_best kenyan food blog

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