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Cake Festival 2015 – How it went down…

When the event organizers for the Cake Festival 2015 say come and eat as much cake as you can, they are actually very very serious about that. This event had about 200 bakers showcasing their skill. It was a day of pure indulgence. We ate so much cake and I feel I will not have any more cake in a long long time. The bakers were very engaging and warm and majority of them had really high quality cake. And the best part is that all funds raised from this event shall be used to further education for students who come from needy backgrounds. It was all for a worthy cause.

This is how it went down.

cake festival 2015 nairobi kenya aa illustrated by kenyan food blogger Kaluhi Adagala

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Taking Stock 5

With 84 posts behind me and a jumble of recipes in my head, it is time to take a pause and smell the roses… or the food.. or whatever we want to smell :D. Here we go: Taking Stock 5.

Kenyan food blogs_Kenyan food blogegers_KALUHI ADAGALA_


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