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Egg Sandwich with Honey Vinaigrette Drizzle

Confession: I am a cooking show junkie. I can watch cooking shows till kingdom come. It just never gets boring…well, for me atleast :)). One of the most common things I see on Chopped is the use of vinaigrettes especially on Salads and stuff. Because I have no culinary training, I always turn to Uncle Google to break things down for me. Turns out it is not something complicated and can be made from nearly anything.

I love sweet and sour anything. So I made my vinaigrette using honey, apple cider vinegar and some oil to capture one of my favorite flavors. I was rushing somewhere and decided to make a sandwich to have on the go. After quickly taking my photos, I downded these sandwiches and boy, didn’t they just hit the right spots!!! If you are always on the go, or are going through one of those lazy days, this one is for you :)).

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egg sandwich with honey vinaigrette_best kenyan food bloggers_top Nairobi food bloggers_how to make egg sandwich

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Easy Dessert – Cake and Custard

Have you ever smelt something or ate something and it immediately reminded you of a memory of something or someone? I am sure you have experienced this, whether food related or not. When it comes to food, one of the aromas that take me back to the 90’s is the aroma of custard. It reminds me of the afternoons we would spend with uncle Kivayiru at his home in Kileleshwa. My sisters and I loved it there! We would play so much, get sooooo dirty and fall right asleep in our car ride back home in Langata. To this day, I love custard. There is a way to make it from scratch, but a little shortcut hurt nobody. Especially now that temparatures are dropping, cake and custard will sure warm you up.

easy desserts_cake and custsrd using a shortcut populat in the kenyan market_Kenyan desserts

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Peppery Hot dog with Lemon and Garlic Plain Yoghurt Sauce

Let’s be honest for a second… the whole world loves hot dogs. Or at least in my head, the whole world does. Perfect snack. And depending on what you add to them, you can get all food groups into your hot dog. There are so many ways to have your hot dog. And that gets me excited since it awakens my creative power.

I decided to make my hot dog with the frankfurter sauteed with green bell peppers until they are crispy. I also decided to replace the  mustard with a tangy lemon and garlic plain yoghurt sauce. So for my 100th post, savor on this brilliant and delicious beauty.

peppery hotdog with garlic and lemon plain yoghurt sauce_kenyan food blogs_best kenyan food blog_kaluhiskitchen.com

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Fried Nduma with Crunchy Bread Crumb Crust

Have you ever eaten something after years of resistance and wondering why it took you too long to try it? That was me with nduma. Just like I did matumbo, I would avoid putting it in my mouth at all costs for reasons unbeknown to me. But when I finally did, I can not have enough. Nduma are what we Kenyans refer to arrow roots.  They are super duper nutritious and taste so good. Thank God I got over my senseless fear,LOL.

At home we usually just have them boiled. But I have been encouraged by numerous people to try them fried. Everything fried is tastier after all, so I decided to give this a try. To add to the texture, I coated the nduma with breadcrumbs, seasoned lightly with nutmeg which  transformed this to the most glorious breakfast meal. My tongue has never been as delighted! Yours will be too, promise!

Kenyan Food_fried nduma with crunchy bread crumb crust_arrow root recipe_Kenyan food blog

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Grilled Cheese Chicken Sandwich

Have you ever tried out a new recipe with so much excitement but it turned out way below average? That happens to me too sometimes. I was so excited to make some crunchy drumsticks sometime back but they were not as good as I anticipated. My first and most honest critics, my family ,thought they really could have tasted better. And I agreed. Even though they looked really good, they were grossly under-seasoned. I could not bring myself to post a recipe that I myself don’t stand confidently by. Quality of content trumps quantity of content any day.


So the next day, I decided to use the left overs from the remaining drumsticks and make something else. I decided to make grilled cheese chicken sandwich which was so indulgent and so so sooo perfect. This brought back my confidence after that no-so-good drumstick kitchen experience. And this was one of the tastiest recreation of left overs I have made to date!

grilled cheese chicken sandwich_chicken grilled cheese sandwich_best grilled cheese sandwich_grilled cheese sandwich  with bell peppers and tomato

I encourage you too to try new things. You will fail…numerous times, just as I do. But do not run away from the kitchen forever. ┬áTake it as a learning experience and up your game each time. You will become even better as a result ­čÖé

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