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Onion and Lime Guacamole

There are certain things you know will always upgrade any meal, and Guacamole is one of them. Whether in small bits of huge amounts, guac will always add some excitment to your  food. Want to add flavor to your githeri? Guacamole will save the day. Want something to accompany your ugali and nyamachoma? Guac is here for you. Or maybe you want to add something creamy to add to your bhajia…no need to go any further than guacamole. Perhaps you would like something creamy to temper the spice of your chicken wrap..You guessed it! Guacamole is the answer.

In addition to being so easy to make, guacamole is very very healthy. And when you have healthy and tasty in one package, its a win!

guacamole recipes_onion and lime guacamole_how to make guacamole as demonstrated by top kenyan food blogger kaluhiskitchen.com

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Tomato and Ginger Soup

As we go through the final weeks of the cold season, no better way than to make the most of it than with some soups. I have recently grown to like soups because not only are they warming, but they make the perfect appetizer and are so nutritious.

During the unveiling of the new menu at Sarova Panafric’s Flame Tree Restaurant, one of the appetizers was tomato soup. This soup can be a bit tricky to make since it tends to get acidic but the one we had was phenomenal. I decided to recreate the same at home and liked it just as much. I am sure you will too :)).

tomato and ginger soup by kenyas best food blogger Kaluhi Adagala of kaluhiskitchen.com_kenyan food blogs_soups for cold weather

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Garlicky French Beans and Carrots

This is one of the most common dishes in Kenya. For me, I like it as an alternative to cabbage, which I am not a big fan of. Also known as green beans or sting beans by different people around the globe, they are still as good by by other name. They are also very very healthy. There are many ways to cook french beans and carrots but here is my take on them. I like mine alot more savory and rich that is why I have them with plenty of garlic. Garlicky is not a word but today it is. If you are looking for an alternative to your usual veggies or a substitute to those you do not like, today is your lucky day!

garlicky french beans and carrots_easy recipes_vegeterian_Kaluhis Kitchen


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Potato Salad

Among the shows I  am always glued to are cooking shows. Recently I have been watching Pioneer Woman which is quite new on food network. It is one of my favorites these days. The host, Ree Drummond, makes her recipes so easy and do-able and I guess that is why I gravitated towards her since it is the same thing Ii try to achieve with my blog. I liked her warm aura too and her show immediately  from the very first episode. Plus she lives a life that I hope to mirror one day: She is family oriented, she loves to cook and does it damn well, she lives on a ranch (I want to live on a ranch too :)), and she is so graceful.

Todays recipe was inspired by her. She made this pea salad and I decided to put my own twist to her recipe using ingredients I have at hand and ended up with a potato salad. And it was fantastic! Thank you Ree Drummond 🙂

While we enjoy some sunshine before the July iciness, this you have to try this out guys!

best potato salad recipe_Kenyan food blog_vegeterian

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Butternut Soup with Crispy Toasted Seeds

I could hear the rumble of thunder from a distance, and I knew that particular weekend would be a cold, rainy one. The house grew dark & cold, so I went upstairs to grab myself a pair of socks. No sooner had I come back down than the rain began aggressively beating on the roof. Huge, angry drops of May Nairobi Rain. A bright flash of lightning lit the entire sky and with it, power was gone. Typical! Since I could not go anywhere outside, nor watch anything I decided to retreat to my favorite place: the Kitchen. That day, I decided to prepare some soup to warm myself up as I waited for electricity to return and keep myself busy.

This butternut soup is so beautiful I literally stared at it for so long. I took so many pics of it and it is one of my most visually appealing dishes yet. It is so filling, very nutritious and very warming. While it is currently not as rainy in Nairobi right now as it was a week ago, it is still rather cold especially in the evenings (22° C / 72F qualifies as cold in this equatorial country). This is the best soup for you to have. Whether as a the perfect prelude to a magnificent meal or just to warm you up, this butternut soup will still make you happy!

butternut soup with crispy toasted seeds courtesy of Kenyas best food blogger Kaluhi Adagala

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