Some few weeks back on my twitter, one of my followers shared a link I found rather interesting. It was about Jamie Oliver, a world renowned chef, who was being sued by Ghanaian and Nigerians for cooking, Jollof Rice, whose origin was from west Africa, but failing to use maggi cubes while cooking it. I found this very amusing, and a bit unfair, because in my opinion, what makes cooking exciting is having your own take on an already delicious meal and not always following the original recipes to the letter. Read the full article here. Hoping that I do not also get a law suit slapped my way 😀

Today I added my own twist to this controversial meal- Jollof rice. It has the right amount of spice, heat and has the perfect blend between moisture and starchiness. It is often cooked with meat (goat meat, chicken etc) but I decided to use what I had ready with me. Its easy to make, and different from what we are used to and that makes it even more exciting! You must give this a try :).

veggie jollof rice

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