Veg pilau is highkey just as bomb as any meaty pilau dish? Don’t you agree? I know you do! While there is completely nothing wrong with enjoying meat and meat in your pilau, sometimes a little break from what you have all the time is so refreshing! I have postponed making veg pilau for my blog for such a long time, even though I make it at home so often. But here we are with a new delicious blog post and a dope video to go with it as well.

This recipe is crazy easy! I love how it takes a really short amount of time to cook but the flavors are so explosively good!!! I decided to go with peas, not only for color but I just love how they taste and with mushrooms as well because their earthy flavor and their ‘meaty’ taste adds a great feel to the entire dish. And if you have been following me for a long time, you know I am crazy about my mushrooms! Let’s go!

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