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Wine Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I could not think of anything more befitting for valentines weekend more than this. These chocolate covered strawberries are so delicious and indulgent. Valentines day aside, I think every day should be a day to shower the people in your life with affection. Each day is special enough to put in a little effort. I hope that you not only try this out this weekend, but make them during random days within the year. Life is too short to wait for one day out of 365 to do special stuff, right?

I made these in December and I was pretty nervous as to how they would turn out. After I had taken the pictures I realized these looked good. And after I tasted them, oh! They  blew me away! I have to warn you though, once you try these, it is very likely that you will get addicted to them.

wine infused chocolate covered strawberries_kaluhiskitchen.com_easy dessert_indulgent desssert

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Chocolate Mousse

I love chocolate. And that naturally makes me affiliated to chocolate snacks, desserts and treats. No other time of the year is more beffiting for chocolate indulgence more than Valentine’s week. And I will treat you to the same :). Also, if you have been out of the loop, one of my FAVORITE bakers, Ginah and I are giving out the most velvety, delicious cakes on Saturday for three lucky winners. Learn from this Instagram post how you can win.

I made this chocolate mousse and as I am writing this, I wish I could just make another batch and try it out. Most of the mousses I have tasted are usually very rich, and rather dense in my opinion, but delicious none the less. I decided to make mine very light and airy. Trust me, this is so easy!

www.kaluhiskitchen.com_chocolate mousse_how to make a chocolate mousse_kaluhiskitchen.com_african food blogs_best african food bloggers

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Cinnamon-Sugar Dusted Churros with Chocolate Sauce

I am the kind of person who believes that if you have special people in your life, you should show them that they indeed are every single time you get a chance to do so. While Valentines Day is an exciting time to shower the people we cherish with affection, we should not limit ourselves to just that one day out of the 365 that exist.  Everyday is a good enough day to show affection to your loved ones, or to treat yourself too. Despite my strong belief about tomorrow, I still find no harm by indulging in a bit of chocolate. So I decided o join the band wagon and made the most delicious cinnamon dusted churros ever that will make this Valentine’s weekend one to remember.

Why not do an indoors Valentines day weekend and surprise your loved ones with these out-of -the-world cinnamon dusted churros with the richest chocolate sauce.

cinnamon sugar dusted churros with chocolate sauce

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