I have very few memories of my daddy actually preparing a meal in the kitchen. But those that I do remember,what he made never disappointed. One of the things I remember are the eggs my daddy used to make for my sisters and I. During most Christmas holidays, we traveled to Maragoli.On Christmas morning before going to church, my daddy would make us some scrambled eggs, which he beat with some whole cream milk. The eggs became so rich, so moist and so tender and this was the perfect way to begin our Christmas day. These days, now that we are big girls, we are the ones who prepare meals for daddy :).
Today I made and omelette which was beaten with finely chopped onion and coriander stalks. To make this even more hearty, I added a tomato and bell pepper stuffing with a light dust of black pepper. Fast, tasty and unforgettable omelette.

7 minute omelette

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