“That was fantastic, D!” I always know a meal is good mum ends her dinner with that comment: And my sisters and when my daddy gobble it down really fast. I have been trying a lot of new recipes and techniques lately and I was over the moon when this turned out better than I could have anticipated. My first meatball recipe is significantly different from this one. You can try both and see which one you personally like best. But judging form how fast these meatballs were cleared, this recipe is a winner!

They were cooked in two phases. They have two types of meat: pork sausage and minced beef which come together in the most beautiful flavor bomb. The cheese adds a lot of moisture and flavor. The juicy, rich sauce that coats them will make your tongue lick your brain.

Meatball recipe_Kenyan Food_Pork sausage, beef and cheddar meatballs_easy meatballls_cheddar cheese meatballs

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