This past Sunday was the premier of Coke Studio Africa’s fourth season. With the success of the past seasons and the roller coaster of excitement they were, I had to follow this season from the get go. With some passion fruit drizzled vanilla ice cream in tow, my youngest sister and I were sitted at 8 p.m. sharp. Phones almost away, singing, dancing, having our very own concert right at home only taking breaks to critique performances and finish our ice cream. She is a Sauti Sol die hard. Believe me, Kuliko Jana constantly plays at home. It is her song. And Sauti Sol are her band. And them being part of the premier episode was just more reason for her to tune in. We enjoyed it! I hope you tuned in too and had a ball!

This season is all about discovery. Discovery of new music. Discovery of new artists, new sounds, new cultures. Being the foodie I am, I took this upon myself to make it discovery of new foods. Each month I will be doing a fusion dish, melding 3 cultures together, based on the countries performing on Coke Studio. This month’s dish is a fusion of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzanian flavors; which culminated in my glorious sweet chili mbuzi choma rolex. You are going to love this!!


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