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Orange and White Chocolate no-bake Cheese Cake

Is it just me or the more you don’t want your mom to find out about something, the more likely she is to find out about it? I don’t know it that sentence makes sense, but if you get what I mean, I think you can relate. Moms have a inbuilt “mischief sensors” that kick in whenever we secretly do what they tell not to do. My mom is TOTALLY against food wastage. I had bought some strawberries to make this cheese cake with. I got so busy in between and I kept postponing. Slowly but surely, the strawberries got spoilt. I felt guilty, but knew I had to throw them away before mom saw them. I hid them amongst some veggies so that I could throw them away when she was not around and guess what, she found them in just a few minutes. Did she sense I was up to something? I think she did. One lecture on food wastage later, I realized that was stupid of me and decided to use oranges instead. The result: stellar as always. I will show you what to substitute a bread or biscuit crust with to give you the same A+ results.

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Strawberries and Coconut Cream Oats

I always love it when I get feedback from you guys on social media. I usually try my very best to answer as soon as I can, the best I can. One of my readers asked me on Instagram how to make their oats a lot more palatable. I gave an answer based on what I had in mind at that time and with help of some of my readers.

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After some thought and landing on the best brand for oats, I think I have landed upon a gold mine of flavors for your oats. @muthonirene, this one is for you <3, and everyone else. I personally love oats, and I do not know why many people don’t. I think their flavor make the perfect canvas for adding more flavor and character. For this recipe, I maximized on that and made my oats super indulgent, creamy and fruity. An easy oat recipe that is a #MUSTTRY!

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