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Banana and Cardamom Oat Pancakes

When I hear  the words food and layers, what will automatically come to mind is  something with actual layers. Several food and lifestyle bloggers including myself challenged ourselves to creating blog posts revolving around layers. Instead of making something with actual layers, I decided to make something with layered flavors. Something where you get note after note of the different ingredients that went into it. For me, that is my banana and cardamom oat pancakes. I will be sharing the links to the posts by fellow food bloggers taking up the same challenge on my social media channels so keep it K :))

Not only are the flavors in these pancakes beautifully layered and balanced, these pancakes are so much healthier than the wheat alternative. These will definitely rock your world!!

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Strawberries and Coconut Cream Oats

I always love it when I get feedback from you guys on social media. I usually try my very best to answer as soon as I can, the best I can. One of my readers asked me on Instagram how to make their oats a lot more palatable. I gave an answer based on what I had in mind at that time and with help of some of my readers.

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After some thought and landing on the best brand for oats, I think I have landed upon a gold mine of flavors for your oats. @muthonirene, this one is for you <3, and everyone else. I personally love oats, and I do not know why many people don’t. I think their flavor make the perfect canvas for adding more flavor and character. For this recipe, I maximized on that and made my oats super indulgent, creamy and fruity. An easy oat recipe that is a #MUSTTRY!

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