I have been toying with the idea of making another matumbo recipe for you guys! After the first one I made 3 years ago and seeing how you guys loved (and still do:)) that one, I though why not! After all, there are always more than one way to cook any particular dish. Now that it is cooler in Nairobi, my pallete usually gravitated to super rich, super savory meals. Naturally matumbo had to feature. I enjoyed putting together the flavors of this recipes and had so much fun making the video as well. Nothing compares to the sheer ecstasy of having my thyme habanero matumbo, together with you favorite traditional mboga (let’s be real, traditional veggies are better than everything else in the world!!) plus some hot ugali and mala!! The epitome of all things delicious and comforting! Everything can be delicious! Everything can be cooked in a beautiful way! And that includes matumbo!

Hope you love this recipe just as much as I did. <3

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