The air smells like change. The past six months have been quite a wild ride – it feels almost as though we are living through a wild TV show with huge plot twists and random plot-holes lol. On the grander global scale, we are really living in unprecedented times. We are living in times where people are increasingly demanding for equality, as they should; and matters such as race, skin tone, nationality, tribe and class shouldn’t be determinants of how one should be treated. The Corona Virus is changing and shaping how we transact, interact and how communities show up to and for each other. We are watching in real time some countries come apart at their foundation, while others shine, take care of their citizens and take the lead (Hi Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern, I know you are reading my blog ily!). On an individual scale, many are turning inward and learning to do a lot for themselves and enjoying it- be it braid their own hair or finally learn how to bake- this global halt has allowed us to learn a thing or two or get reacquainted with a hobbies we used to enjoy but fell out of love with at one point or another. Change. There is so much beauty, terror and opportunity for expansion in change. I  hope you all are becoming and coming into the best versions of yourselves. The last half of the year imetukaranga, I hope the last half will be kinder to us!

Speaking of change, here in Nairobi, we have bid clear blue skies for grey ones. We are now transitioning into our cold season and best believe I have you sorted when it comes to the coziest, most comforting, most delicious soups! I have one for you today!

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