Today is June 14th. As I am writing this blogpost, a lemon cake is baking. It is a warm mid-morning. I am calm. I am happy. I am content. The sun is making it’s way through the blinds and a gentle breeze is wafting in. My home smells fantastic. I have been on a creative high and my spirit is still. On this very day, and at this very very moment, I am happy, present and grounded. My 2022 has not been a pleasant year, and whenever I can catch a moment of joy, I grasp it and I let my spirit marinate in it.

I hope on the day I post this recipe that I will be in an even calmer, more grounded and much happier space. I hope joy finds me and chooses me every day. I also hope for you – on the day I *finally* post this recipe, that joy is cozily nested in your heart. I hope you find peace in life’s simple moments. I hope you constantly re-discover yourself and fearlessly choose yourself.

And with that, let us get into today’s beauty of a recipe.

simple lemon cake. moist lemon cake, easy lemon cake recipe by Kaluhi Adagala of Kaluhi's Kitchen

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