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Mini Kenyan Style Kebabs

I remember the first time I ate a kebab. I remember standing very eagerly in a sweaty, packed Kenchic, in a queue that never seemed to move any faster, and my tummy that couldn’t rumble any harder. I remember passing my chance to have fries, topping up the cost with my mearger coins just so that I can buy my kebab. I remember smiling once my kebabs were wrapped and handed to me. And I remember this day in particular, not because I enjoyed my kebabs, but because I fell really sick there after. I moved form hunger pangs to running stomach really quick! My first kebab experience was pretty horrific, and such experiences really leave a mark in your psyche! I must admit, since then, I never ever EVER order kebabs form fast food joints. However, there is always a way around every issue. And for e and my kebabs, I decided to learn how to make mine at home. That way, I am 100% sure of the sanitation, their freshness, and a huge bonus being, I have complete freedom regarding the spices herbs and flavors I would like to have! Now, they are one of my fave snacks ever!

The kind of kebabs we have here in Kenya are different form the ones from other nations but delicious nonetheless. Today I am gonna show you how to make them, both in today’s video and this blog post. You are gonna see how easy they are to make! <3

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Minced Beef Kebab with Tangy Dip

I had a real Kebab addiction problem while I was in high-school. The love I had for these was so strong it was almost obsessive. I needed my kebab kick each and every day. They used to be quite cheap back then. And when the prices increased, I just could not fuel  my addiction so I kicked it.

I have never made kebabs on my own. I decided to give them a try but with a recipe and style that differs from the ones that are traditionally had in Kenya. Mine did not use eggs to hold the meat together, but used bread crumbs.Instead of deep frying mine, I grilled them.  And to make this more flavorful, I added a beautiful array of spices.

I hope you give this a try 🙂 <3

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