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Basil Pesto Sweet Sticky Meatball Sandwich

I am writing this blog post from Maragoli. It is dawn and I woke up super early because I did not want to miss sunrise. I sat still in the absolute silence and took in the perfect sunrise. Now it is super bright, the sky brilliantly blue and because it rains every afternoon, the hills are violently green as well. I am in paradise! I am at peace. And at this very moment I am writing this, I am deliriously happy! I really needed to decompress after successfully publishing my second book, and no better place to do so than in my favorite place in the entire multiverse than Maragoli. With the book done, my mind settling and my body rested, it is now time to finally release content I filmed months back, that I know you will surely enjoy!

I have always been a fan of a great sandwich. The possibilities are endless! There is so much you can do, a billion ways you can spin it and so many fun combinations you can come up with. It is because of that that makes their creation process super fun! I loved every single note of my meatball sandwich. They are meaty, cheesy, sticky and balanced out with delicious freshness of by a pesto and some kachumbari.

You will love this beaut!

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Garlic Tandoori Masala Meatballs

“Nataka Banana Bread. Nimakie!”

“Haujamake egg curry in a long time, siumake?”

“Nikikuletea viatu zako basi this weekend umake meatballs..”

Life with siblings… At home, every request I make of them is usually fulfilled after a trade off of what I will make. My youngest sibling in particular has mastered this! To me, she is my ‘slave’ I send her for everything from water to calling her to hand me my spectacles that are three steps away looool! That is what younger siblings are for, right?To, her I am a food manufacturer, her feeder;  lol. But I do not blame her, my food is just too ****ing bomb! It’s a fair trade off. Kinda…. Today’s recipe is here because of her. She has been craving some for a long time and I took the chance to develop a new one. This is about to be your next addiction!! My garlic tandoori masala meatballs will take you to the moon and back!

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