One of the things I enjoy most in life is cooking with someone I love and having great conversation with them. I was at my friend’s sometime back and she is one of those people who not only loves cooking for her guests, but loves cooking with them. She loves showing off her (exceptional!!!) kitchen skills. And who am I to complain? I love it that at her’s, I am the one being fed. I am the one on the receiving end of deliciousness. I am the one not in an apron. I am the one, watching and learning. On the day we had our date, It started pouring just as I was about to leave. I decided to wait it out and she had just the perfect thing to keep us both occupied: vibibi! She had been soaking some rice for well over 24 hours and was ready to give it a go. On we were with draining, whisking, blending, frying and about an hour and a half later, sitted again devouring very delicious treats with some tea. Thank you Mwende. Next time, we chill at mine <3

That is a short summary of how I learnt to make vibibi. In this post and in today’s video, I make them for you too, but with a few twists of my own and with slight modification. Still, it will be nothing short of delicious!

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