October has this magic about it. It’s brilliantly sunny days, warm nights and breathtaking jacaranda blossoms enveloping Nairobi make this one of my favorite months. With all these aspects all in one month, this makes it perfect for picnics! What better way to enjoy great weather, appreciate beautiful blossoms and enjoy great company than with fantastic food? My friends and I decided to do just that by hosting a get-together picnic.  Each person was meant to bring a dish of their choice. I decided to make one of two meat dishes: my passion fruit marinated honey pork chops. I was so thrilled with the results and this is one recipe I just had to share with you guys. The passion fruit marinade was so perfect for this! I could hardly keep it together while taking the pictures. I almost ate it all before leaving for the actual picnic LOL! I hope this recipe unleashes one hell of a party on your taste buds as it did on mine!



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