During the weekends, I usually unwind while watching a nice movie or series or immersing myself in a novel. When I engage in either of these activities, I usually like to have a snack by my side. Most of the time I just have a fruit but sometimes I like have something richer and with diverse flavors.
One of my favourite snacks is my mouthwatering Outback Sandwich. I made it once as I was playing around with different ingredients and lucky for me, the first time I made it it turned out fantastic and I have not made a single change to the recipe.
The sweet and sour sauce of this sandwich is the highlight  and it marries all the other ingredients with the ham so beautifully. The best part of it all, as usual, is that you can make this at home. Believe me, one bite of this sandwich will give you some serious intergalactic taste bud euphoria!!!

Whether you are watching an EPL match, binging on your favourite series or snacking after your hike, this is the sandwich that you should be biting into!

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