Sometimes the best things are bourne out of the worst situations. Sometimes, you land on your true calling after leaving that job your thought was heaven sent. Sometimes you finally get the person who truly gets you after letting go of the other one  who was not really worth it. Sometimes, you really discover amazing qualities you never knew you had when in the most uncomfortable situations. And in everyday (kitchen) life, sometimes, you discover the best recipes after failing in those you thought would be the best. There is a silver lining in everything.

This recipe was a second attempt at fritters I tried in September. They looked good on camera, but tasted like Satan’s favorite snack, no kidding. After rethinking everything and giving it a second try, my ginger and chilli spaghetti fritters were born.

kaluhi_s_kitchen_kenyan food bloggers_ginger and chilli spaghetti fritters_

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