There are certain things you know will always upgrade any meal, and Guacamole is one of them. Whether in small bits of huge amounts, guac will always add some excitment to your  food. Want to add flavor to your githeri? Guacamole will save the day. Want something to accompany your ugali and nyamachoma? Guac is here for you. Or maybe you want to add something creamy to add to your bhajia…no need to go any further than guacamole. Perhaps you would like something creamy to temper the spice of your chicken wrap..You guessed it! Guacamole is the answer.

In addition to being so easy to make, guacamole is very very healthy. And when you have healthy and tasty in one package, its a win!

guacamole recipes_onion and lime guacamole_how to make guacamole as demonstrated by top kenyan food blogger

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