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Nairobi Pizza Festival

If I could have it my way, I could have pizza  every darn day. There are so many different flavors, you can just never get bored. Never complain about loneliness when you need is pizza in your life! Pizza can solve all world problems coz we can all universally agree how awesome it is. On that note, Lets make pizza the world president! I am sure you now understand how much I digg my pizza. And what better way to indulge in its awesomeness than in a 5-day long Pizza festival right here in Nairobi!


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Salt Bar and Grill

The junction is always a bee hive of activity regardless of which day of the week. People moving through the mall lost in their own business and chatting away. In the midst of all this rests Salt Grill and bar, sitting like and oasis of  relaxation in a dessert of bustling activity.  My first impression of Salt grill and bar was class, indulgence and quality; both in terms of service and product. I was pleased to discover that they lived up to my expectations. Thank you Eat Out Kenya and Yummy KE for introducing me to this gem!

Salt is a name that mirrors restaurants with the same name in Europe that offer very high service and product. It is an easy name to remember and kinda has a modern feel to it. Formerly known as WWW, this is the ultimate wine bar in Nairobi. Unlike majority of the restaurants that mostly  offer french wine, Salt Grill and bar ventures into the unexplored. They have wines form all over the globe but also offer Californian wine from the Napa Valley and Wines from Spain too. These regions are not strongly associated with wine production, but they understand the craft and make really good wine.

Salt bar and grill at the junction mall in nairobi serves the best wines mainy from california and spain_eatoutKE_kaluhiskitchen.com_restaurant crush

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