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Poached Eggs with chunky Tomato Salsa

I like having my eggs in different kinds of ways. Poached eggs are very popular globally but I have never tired them just due to one reason. Fear. Fear of all that wetness and liquid yolk which I personally do not find appealing. While that is what excites most people, for me, that made me stay clear of poached eggs. But I decided to take the plunge after realizing that maybe it is not that bad after all. I did and I was so impressed. When I was doing my online research, I got the implication that making poached eggs is so complicated. But I found that not to be true. All you need is your ingredients, and an eager heart :). Hope you enjoy this to the max as much as I did.

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Sesame seed and Ginger Scrambled eggs

Do you ever wake up and just feel like cooking nice things because the day looks beautiful and has started really well? I do not know if I am the only one who feels this… But on the particular day I made this dish, I woke up feeling really up beat. The sun was shining so bright outside, Ngong hills as seen from our kitchen window looking as majestic as always and the morning air was crisp and clean. The day ahead looked really promising. I decided to make the day even more fantastic by having a very good first meal of the day.

I decided to have scrambled eggs for breakfast, and you know, as usual, these were not just any normal scrambled eggs. I decided to play around with my pantry ingredients and came up with the most delicious scrambled eggs with the most spectacular flavors and amazing textures. Start your day on the right foot with my out-of-the-world sesame seed and ginger scrambled eggs.

sesame seed and ginger scrambled eggs_Kaluhis Kitchen

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