So here we are: Diner en Blanc is coming to Nairobi!!! For those of you who may not know, diner en blanc is a high end dinner where all the attendees are required to dress in white, carry their finest dishes and dine under the stars in a location revealed only at the last moment. They can carry drinks, but only fine ones such as wine, no hard liquor in an attempt to make the event even ‘classy’. I must be honest and admit, I find it strange that one may leave home with food and drinks, and eat at an unknown location, but as an invited blogger, I was curious to see what the hype is all about.  This exclusive event originated from France and made its way through out the globe and has left its foot print in cities such as Toronto, Sydney, Cape Town, San Diego and Boston. It claims to be an experience like no other, and I was curious to see how the inaugural one in Nairobi would pan out!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was invited in the capacity of  blogger/media. I did not purchase a ticket, I did not bring food or book a table. My work was to attend the event and write about it. I did not partake as a guest but for exclusively for work and to review it.

Here is how diner en blanc Nairobi went down:


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