Have you ever made a meal and it turned out so hideous that you are afraid to eat it even if you made it yourself? I know in one way or another you can relate. I had attempted to make a certain pork recipe I found on Daily Mail as it was. It looked good, but when I read through I didn’t quite feel it was right. I tried it nonetheless and developed a disaster of the millenium. LOL!

I decided to try again, but this time with a recipe iI myself developed. Not to brag but, my pork recipe was phenomenal. Sometimes it is just better to trust your gut (see what I did there ;)) and cook how you feel best. Knowing that pork goes so well with sweet flavors, I decided to play this characteristic up and made a really delicious sweet and sour sauce and a pineapple salsa to accompany it. Ready for something super delicious and super easy? Try my sweet and sour pork.

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