Boy, doesn’t it feel good to slow down! After dishing out 8 new recipes each month this year religiously and almost always being present on social media, I feel it is only fair to slow down and give myself a break. I will be more silent on social media this month (only this month), but that does not mean I have been wiped off the face of the earth. I am simply rejuvenating and getting the creative juices flowing once more. I mean isn’t December the month of relaxation after all?!

I made these pancakes early last month. I have no idea what inspired this but the first try was  the mother of all flops. I adjusted my proportions and tried again and the second time with plenty of success. I threw in some tangerine syrup just because! This is absolutely tasty and you must try this out too.

custard pancakes with tangerine syrup_custard pancakes_tangerine syrup_ best food blogger in Kenya

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