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Savory Crepe with Garted Red Bell Pepper

I bumped into my former university classmate during rush hour some weeks back. It was pleasant to see him again and we talked a little bit about life after school. One thing he spoke of most was how he feels so tired after work, so much so he does not bother to prepare supper for himself but takes exactly what he had for breakfast. Besides that, he absolutely enjoys life after school.

This inspired me to recreate breakfast meals for supper. You can do this with nearly every dish, the only thing is to transform the sweet into savory. I chose crepes, whose sweet breakfast version we did here by adding vanilla essence, mango and cinnamon, and today,s savory version has green onion, red bell pepper and cumin.


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Tangy Mango Stuffed Crepe

We all have those days when we want to have something a little bit sweet and light. Where I live, it can be a bit of a hustle to leave home and get to the nearest bakery because this area is not actively supplied with public transportation which is the means I use. Therefore, whenever that craving kicks in I turn to my favourite comfort food,Mango stuffed crepes, which are fast, tasty and easy to make from home.

Like most of the things I know how to make, this one too was taught by my mother. As years went by, various modifications were made to the recipe. My elder sister, Sieva, perfected the crepe recipe and it is the same one we use to date. My twist on these fabulous crepes was adding various fillings to them. For this filling I used my favourite fruit, mangoes, with some fresh orange zest and a dash of ground cinnamon that elevates the sweetness of the mango and brings out the tartness of the orange zest.

These heavenly tangy mango stuffed crepes make for an ideal  healthy breakfast, a rich brunch or a filling snack.

Tangy Stuffed Mango Crepe

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