The day I bought this meat I went to a butchery I have never purchased meat from. For some reason, the butcher was cutting the meat while blocking my view. So I just asked “Hiyo ni fresh?” (Is that fresh?) With slight hesitation, he replied “Hii ni ya leo, tumetoka kuchinja mangombe sahi sahi” (It’s today’s cut, we are just from the slaughter house) But my sixth sense just felt something was off. So I asked him to let me see it before packaging just to confirm if I needed some fat trimmed off. But really, I just wanted to ascertain the condition of the meat. To my dismay, the cut he was about to package for me was green around the edges and literally beginning to decay. I was dissapointed and asked him why he is lying to his buyer. Instead of apologizing, he just said “Wewe utakuwa bibi mzuri kwa sababu haudanganyiki” (You will make a good wife since you are not easily swindled) SMH. Why swindle me in the first place anyway??? Oh, Kenya! I left and bought my meat from another butchery.

A bad experience was compensated for by finally getting beautiful fresh beef which I transformed to this amazing dish. After my chase for fresh meat and a spectacular red wine beef dry fry recipe, the search was well worth it!

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