My mom received some broccoli from one of our neighbors who seemed to have plenty. Because the batch she took never seemed to get finished, this has forced me to be quite creative with it and in the process created some phenomenal recipes. I have totally come to love this vegetable which has so much nutritional benefit.

I was perusing through some of my old Yummy Magazine and I came across  a recipe for brussel sprouts. It seemed easy enough to make. Because I did not have brussel sprouts or white miso, I decided to modify the recipe and use broccoli instead. I threw in some carrots and it was even better. The steamed veggies absorbed the chili caramel so well. This sounds so sophisticated, but read through and see how easy it is.

Today being my birthday, this recipe is my gift to you. Allow me to charm your Friday with a recipe I loved so much. :))

steamed carrots and broccoli with chili caramel_kaluhiskitchen.com_best kenyan food blog

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