I always felt it in my gut that 2016 would be a kick-ass year. And it really had kicked off in a kick ass way! I have had the privilege of being featured as the blogger of the month by DSTV kenya. Do spare 3 minutes to watch this video and hope you like it. If that’s not enough, I decided to throw in an awesome recipe you can try too today :))

If you have been reading my blog for a long time now, you know that one of my ultimate culinary role models has always been Siba. I loved her show from the very first time I watched it. And then I watched reruns over and over till I now know all the words. Yes, that how much I love Siba’s table. This recipe was inspired by  this recipe which run in one of the episodes during Season 1 of Siba’s Table. It may not look as pretty as her’s but I can guarantee that my smashed potatoes with cheddar cheese sauce tastes just as great. Easy. Speedy. Delicious.

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