Nothing excites me more than a good choma! Regardless of weather, or location or mood, I will almost always be present where there is a good choma. To make a choma really good, preparation that goes in plays a key role. This Saturday at the Arboretum, we are being treated to the best mbuzi choma at ‘Brothers of the grill’ where the best restaurants  will serve us the best of their choma, while sipping on Jack Daniels cocktails and just hanging out. I spoke about this on Instagram but I will explain more about this at the end of the post. Let me tell you, I just cannot wait!!!!! But since Saturday is still a couple of days away, I decided to make this garlic chicken breast with whiskey bbq sauce as a prelude of whats to come. Feast upon this, and hope to see you all on the 18th for good mbuzi  choma and fun in the sun.

garlic chicken breast with whiskey bbq sauce_how to make chicken breast moist_how to cook chicken


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