I have always been fascinated with South African cuisine ever since I started watching Siba’s Table on Food Network. I have since embarked to become a great cook just as Siba is. In the process, I have researched more into what South African cuisine has to offer. And majority of the time, I always get something new to try out.

I love sampling recipes from African countries because I am almost guaranteed that I can get the ingredients here in Kenya too. Today, I made some Geelrys, which directly translates to ‘yellow rice’. It is a rice dish popular in South Africa and because the ingredients were available locally, I was more than eager to try this. It is a gorgeous dish, beautiful as it is delicious. The only ingredients I added were my two favorite  spices: ground cumin and coriander.

If you cannot go to South Africa, Bring South Africa to you :).

Geelrys_Kaluhis Kitchen_SouthAfrican Yellow Rice

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