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2 Years Down, Many To Come!

On July 27th 2014 I literally woke up and decided that I am starting a blog. Being a very resolute person, once I had decided to do something I go hard and I get it done. I thought no one would even read my blog :DD. I thought after three months, I would get tired, put my blog in the back burner and move on. I never thought I would have such amazing readers from all parts of the world who I’d enjoy creating for. Even though at that point I did not have a clear growth plan, I knew I enjoyed cooking and sharing my recipes. Two years later and 200 posts down, we are here! * waves pom poms in the air *

I have learnt plenty along the way, I have grown a great deal too. And the learning and growing never ever stops. Its has been the most fun roller coaster ride, and I am so excited for the years to some and the great things we are going to achieve and experience together.

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#TembeaNaKaluhi – My Lamu through 30 Photos

After attending the Lamu food festival, we returned home with a ton of new memories after falling in love with the  rich culture of the people of Lamu. Lamu Food Festival presented to us a beautiful way of experiencing all that Lamu had to offer. Besides just food, we were captivated by other aspects of the Island that we felt were so captivating and just showed how beautiful our country  is. If you are yet to read my first two Lamu posts, check them out here and here.

Jayson suggested that we do a 30 photo road trip challenge to try capture the essence of this beautiful island and I thought this would be the best way to give you a visual feel of Lamu. If you are yet to, ensure Lamu is on your list of places to visit this year. 30 pictures are not enough to capture the beautiful architecture, warm people, amazing food and rich heritage, but I shall try. To really feel this, you just have to go and experience Lamu. I hope one of these fine days we shall bump into each other on the narrow streets of Lamu <3.


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My Worst Ever Food Fails

I am always asked this question “But do you ever have kitchen fails?” And my answer is always the same “Like everyone else on earth, I make kitchen blunders” It does not matter if you are the best chef in the world with years of training, mistakes are bound to happen. Let me tell you, I make major messes, it’s just that I do not show them to you or you do not see them all. But that has never kept me from trying and improving. I am a food blogger, but that does not meat I am a demi god who has never made a cooking error. For me, I take each failure as a learning point. After each mistake, you get to learn what not to do next time of what to change up next time. I encourage each one of you to develop the same outlook. Mistakes will happen, but do not stop trying and growing.

Today, I am laying myself bare. I will show you some of my countless errors. And I must say, I would not have gotten as good if I did not make mistakes along the way. Let this serve as encouragement to you, mistakes will happen in the kitchen. You will make master blunders. But never let than prevent you from getting better and better. In no particular order, here we go:

My most memorableFOOD FAILS

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Lessons and Musings III

As promised, I will be giving you more insight to my little busy thoughts once in a while in place of taking stock. I hope you enjoy the read. This Good Friday afternoon, wind down to a good read :))- Lessons and Musings III

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Lessons and Musings II

For those that know me, they know that I really do not know how to summarize my opinions or stories. I am that girl who is the story teller. One of my Instagram followers told me that she enjoyed the first lessons and musings and urged me to do more of those. I must admit, I was incredibly nervous about publishing an emotionally naked post, but it felt very much worth it. I indeed felt that taking stock was too summarized and static for me. I will here hence forth do away with TS and take on lessons and musings. Hope  you can relate in one way or another :)). Here we go!

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